Jiva – Blind / Hurt Leg / Cat Attack

Jiva came in with what we thought was just no use of back leg… could have been hit by a car, fall.. etc.

Once I picked her up.. she not only couldn’t use back leg but she also had punctures all over her from a cat attack. (Which for squirrels .. cat saliva is toxic..

Raced her to the vet, to also find out she was very elderly.. anddddd BLIND… The vet didn’t think she would make it through the night…

For the next few weeks.. she was fed a smoothie mixture made of crushed nutritional blocks.. high calcium veggies, fruits, CBD, powdered vitamins.. and fed by syringe every few hours, along with water in a syringe.

She was also on antibiotics and pain meds for the cat bites, she healed up great, but had a nonstop sneeze when she would sit up and try to eat anything solid.. So back to the vet for xrays on her teeth and skull… they didn’t really see much, but they trimmed her teeth which helped her eat solids better..

Jiva has since realized that Avocado is her favorite thing on the face of the earth…lol She also enjoys all nuts still in the hard shells.. (to help keep her teeth trimmed) Pecans are for sure a fav.. She has the pickiest diet I’ve ever seen… But 10 months later… here we are. She has her whole cage memorized, and does great drinking, and eating on her own…

Jiva used to get a smoothie mixture of ground up rodent block.. kale.. spinach.. blueberries.. powdered vitamins.. I would switch up the mixtures each time to keep her interest..

Soon Jiva was able to eat from a dish.. but you can hear the really bad breathing she is doing.. I knew something else was going on… After X-Rays.. we decided to trim the teeth some and see if that helped… It did.. now she only sneezes once in a while while eating 🙂

After tons of TLC and time.. Jiva finally eats solids.. She is super picky about what she likes.. Avacado is the be all end all.. lol.. but also likes a great bird food mixture that is super healthy for her.. And is always needed from Amazon .. You can get Jiva some here.

Now 9 months later.. Jiva who wasn’t supposed to live 48 hours.. is fat and healthy.. living her best life, She will never be able to be released because of being blind… but she has memorized her cage so she can get around with no problem, She is able to open all hard shell nuts.. (And her new favorite on here is banana chips) and comes when I call her… She is such a joy.. and for sure one of our best rescues 🙂 #JivaStrong #TeamJiva

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