Fig – Neuro Issues From Fall From Nest

Fig came in with her sister from a fall from their nest.. it wasn’t apparent what the fall had done till Fig got a little older.

One day I was walking past her cage and saw what I thought was a seizer.. But instead it was non-stop head bobbing, and she couldn’t walk straight.. Raced her to the vet to find she now had neuro issues. They didn’t want to bother with x-rays because at this age, she was growing more and more each day. So nothing would have stayed the same from what they would see. They also think it came on later in age because as the brain grew.. certain areas now had pressure on skull etc… to start the neuro issues. She also cant see correctly. You can even see how different the inside of her eyes are compared to a healthy baby.

I swore if any animal cant eat on its own, go the bathroom on its own.. and play… to have some sort of quality of life, I would never be selfish and prolong any suffering…

With that being said, Fig wanted to live! She learned how to do things differently.. She would lay back in corners to eat. That way her head and body would be held still. I did months of research on CBD and finally found an amazing company that ended up being a game changer for her.. She can get around much better.. and the head bobbles have STOPPED! I highly recommend for all wildlife. (cats and dogs too) I started with the drops when she was younger.. because she would allow me then went to the dog treats.. about a thumbnail size each day, and extra if its cage clean day, or anything with extra stimulation.

Fig continues to do well.. she needs lots of stimulation toys to keep her from getting anxiety and starts spinning in place etc.. (tons listed here on our Amazon wish list) Also am switching up the CBD company since it seems as Fig is growing an immunity to this brand.. So wish us luck the next company will bring her the amazing same relief 🙂

Here is a video when she first started the head bobbing and wobbly walking.. So sad 😦 I even got baby crib pads and lined her cage with them.

And look at this amazing video after CBD was started.. Like night and day.. 🙂

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