Litz – Dog Attack No Use of Back Legs

Litz came in with no use of his back legs after a German Shepard got ahold of him.. He was a little under a year old.. So basically almost an adult.. and NOT happy to be confined. After getting him calm, started on pain meds, antibiotics, food and water… with only a little change, (he could move his taiI) I wanted to make sure no breaks were going on inside.. Off to the vet for some x-rays.. NO BREAKS! .. Now it was time for continued anti-inflammatories and some more TLC…

He spent weeks at the vet and vet techs home, back and forth to keep an eye on weight.. and meds.. He was now slowly being able to use his legs, but were still pretty shaky..

Time for him to come back to SquirrellyAF and be put in a prerelease cage to get his muscles built back up in his legs… Day in and day out.. Litz would practice crawling, climbing, and playing again. But he also was getting more anxious filled and wouldn’t stop chewing on the metal bars. It was time for release.

Litz can no longer jump… and will never be back to 100% .. but he is so much happier in the wild. He has clamed a nest box.. even kicked the yard bullies out in the process… he has fallen a few times from pretty high up… but it doesn’t slow him down a bit.. he has now realized to go backwards down the tree instead of forward, he cant control his back legs well enough to grip when going forward. This all works great for him. I’ve set up the front yard, just for him to feel even safer.. the pallets keep him more hidden from predators.. and easier for him to crawl around on. he has his own feeding stations located on the ground, under the pallets, to be safe.

For now Litz is living his best life, If I see any decline in mobility, or unable to get to food or water… or even any of the other releases picking on him… (Which I don’t see at all, I think they know he is ‘special’ and leave him alone) I will re-trap him, and he will be added to the HUGE prerelease cage in the front yard for him to live out his life. but till then.. the joy it brings me, knowing he is so happy… and even rolls around playing with pollen like it is snow.. warms my heart. I know he is exactly where he wants to be.

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