Litz – Dog Attack No Use of Back Legs

Litz came in with no use of his back legs after a German Shepard got ahold of him.. He was a little under a year old.. So basically almost an adult.. and NOT happy to be confined. After getting him calm, started on pain meds, antibiotics, food and water… with only a little change, (heContinue reading “Litz – Dog Attack No Use of Back Legs”

Fig – Neuro Issues From Fall From Nest

Fig came in with her sister from a fall from their nest.. it wasn’t apparent what the fall had done till Fig got a little older. One day I was walking past her cage and saw what I thought was a seizer.. But instead it was non-stop head bobbing, and she couldn’t walk straight.. RacedContinue reading “Fig – Neuro Issues From Fall From Nest”

Jiva – Blind / Hurt Leg / Cat Attack

Jiva came in with what we thought was just no use of back leg… could have been hit by a car, fall.. etc. Once I picked her up.. she not only couldn’t use back leg but she also had punctures all over her from a cat attack. (Which for squirrels .. cat saliva is toxic..Continue reading “Jiva – Blind / Hurt Leg / Cat Attack”